What’s flooding my Mac’s console and keeping it from sleeping?

I’ve noticed that my Macbook Pro kept running out of batteries very fast when left alone to eventually go into standby. Turns out the Mac actually didn’t go into standby at all but rather waited until the battery level was critical and forced itself into hibernation. While investigating the cause for that, I looked for suspicious entries in the system log (Applications -> Utilities -> Console) to investigate potential causes. I found a component, presumably from Google Chrome’s Software Updater that was called every 10s by the Mac OS X’s Launch Daemon. My system log was littered with messages like these:

So, while I’m not sure whether this was the reason that kept my Mac from going into regular sleep, I’m going to quickly give instructions on how to remove the service from launchd.

1. Open a Terminal (found in Applications -> Utilities)

2. Type

Done. Most likely you won’t get any software updates for Chrome anymore, but at least your Mac is not bothered trying to launch a broken updater anymore. Best thing at this point probably is to get the latest version of Chrome, if you want to keep using that browser.

Update: Updated the terminal commands to remove the /Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate directories.