Action Camera for WP8

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Action Camera unlocks the full potential of your camera on your Windows Phone.

Make sure you get the perfect shot by previewing live video from your GoPro Hero 2 (with Bacpac) or 3 WiFi camera. Switch video and photo modes, start recordings and tweak your preferences of your device. You’ll fall in love with your GoPro all over again!

All advanced settings are supported, including all resolutions available on the GoPro 3 Black edition, Protune, Spot Meter, white-balance adjustments and more!

Requires a WiFi capable camera.


  • Sim

    hi, as soon as i enable preview, the app crashes. Héro 3 white and Nokia lumia 920.

    • Andy

      Thanks for reporting this. There is an update available in the store that addresses this issue. This was known to affect some customers in Hungary, France and Norway. Thanks for your patience!

  • From Finland :Now after last update Gopro Hero black preview works with my Nokia Lumia 920

  • Works fine with GoPro black edition and Nokia Lumia 920, but how can I power off the cam?

    PM, Namibia (Swiss expat)

    • Andy

      Powering off will be coming in the next update. Stay tuned!

    • Andy

      Powering off will come in the next update. Stay tuned!

  • preview is black. Hero 3 black, Lumia 920

    • Andy

      Sometimes the Hero3 cameras seem lose the ability to stream the video preview. When this happens, turning off Wifi, then turning off the camera and removing the battery last can unblock this state. Also, when the battery is getting low, the same issue can occur or video may become choppy.You may have to recharge the camera a bit before video plays back smoothly again if that happens.

  • markus

    From austria
    hero2&wifi backpack with lumia520
    wifi Connection gets lost far to frequent unfortunately. Not useable with This behaviour.
    settings part is great, may to activate that by swiping left/right already?
    stream of photo preview quite delayed .. Only with my Phone? 🙂
    thank You for providing This app!
    bye, markus

    • Andy

      Servus Markus,

      unfortunately I don’t have a Hero2 with a WiFi backpack to test with, so I won’t be able to look into the WiFi issue directly. I know that sometimes restarting the GoPro helps. As to the preview delay, that’s a limitation of the GoPro cameras themselves. All cameras have about 4-5s delay for the preview picture they send out over WiFi.